(E-book & Tracker)

This program is created with a holistic approach to heal acne from the inside out, by acne sufferers for acne sufferers. See it as a guide for your skin's well-being.

To heal acne from the very root cause, you need to look after your lifestyle habits as they are a huge contribution to the inflammation behind your skin.
We'll dig deeper into every part of your life to find out where you need to put some extra attention, and we're going to find it out by learning the art of self-mastery.

The program intends that you learn how to be more self-compassionate towards yourself to achieve the goals you strive for with your skin. When you're satisfied with your life and how you live it, clear skin will come with it.

Every week, we cover one habit at the time. When you've completed the first week, we continue to the next week, and so on.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy right?

With every week finished and mastered by you, we continue improving and healing your skin with the help of daily and weekly observations (tracking tables).
You'll soon notice in which areas your life needs more attention and when your acne seems to flare up.

I can guarantee you that discovering this correlation is life changing!